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James Bond

James Bond is one of the more fun games on the nintendo64 system... there are a few neat tricks you can do in multiplayer too... simple tricks to stay alive.

1. when playing with the golden gun try to kill him/her from really far away, or just go up and slap him/her. Hey it works!

2. if some one is chasing you go into a room stay near the door and out of sight and when they come in go out... it's simple but it works.

3. always go for a head shot, just like in real life it hurts alot more.

4. use the C-buttons often, learn to use them wisely. you can duck if you hit C-down and down (i think)

5. when using Proxie mines place them in places where they are most likly respawn... be carful tho.

well there are a few tips for 007 hope you can complete your mission good luck 00.

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