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Fly as Fox McCloud, leader of the StarFox team and his squad of Arwing fighters to save Corneria.

Yes fox is a merc. he flys for money, and alot of it to but he does his job well and lives to get paied for it!

The Arwing Fighter... it's a neat little thing that can take a nice about of hits, do fast rolls and flys fast. but most of all you have to know how to take fewer hits.

1. locking is not always a good thing... a good pilot will loop, roll, or dive the moment it sounds a lock so alot of lazer fire may hit for less but a hit is better then a miss.

2. do as others do roll, dive, loop and run if you have to...

3. a double loop can get you right behind an opponent's tail and give you a nice clean shot... remember to slow down with the down-C

well thats all the wisdom i can think of now.. good luck pilot and good hunting.

I play muti-player alot so i know how to live longer in a game. Back to HQ