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Hall of Hero's

MegaMan, A hero of a robotic future. Created by Dr Thomas Light first as the robot known as Rock. When the call for battle came as Dr Wile turned robots to evil Rock took the call for battle and was turned into Mega Man. With a Blaster has and his ability to copy enemy weapons to use as his own.And with his family, Roll his sister, Rush his dog, Beat his bird, and Eddy his um.. suitcase, he fights to save his world...and the world to come.

MegaManX Made in a time where robots are the the future and where renagades come in a new hunter from a bygone age comes back to protect his world once more with new allies and new enemys... but he will fight.

Zero a hero before the arrival of X but a veterian of the wars that came before a friend of X and his partner.

DR light maker of Megaman and a master scientest. He forsaw the need for a new megaman in the future and made enhancments and spread them over the world, hidden for megamanX to fine for his old/new quest of protecting the world.

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