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These are the poems that me or others have written that i think that others should read... laters



Forever will I fight, forever in the night
-by JSlocke2.gif (1841 bytes) (10)

In a starless sky under watchful eyes
The things we do and the things we die
We fight alone in the dark sky
The path is blur and on winding road
But yet we still follow the endless night
Just to find one single light.
Oh little light how bright you shine
Past the dark and past the night
You shine all though the night
The light will dim and once again
We fight passed the dark night
We wonder things we do not see
We worry about things we do not know
We fight our fears and yet we lose
But still we fight on.
Fearless, brave, hope, courage, strength, wisdom.
The way of the Knight.

Every Day There Is A Fight, Every Day And Every Night
-by JS
locke2.gif (1841 bytes)
Every Day There Is A Fight, Every Day And Every Night
We can win or we can lose, but it's up to you.
All you can do is what is in you.
A fight is a fight like every other night.
It is a fight for life, and not just any other fight.
Every day you must win from dawn till dusk.
Or all things will go just wrong.

Right and wrong that you must know.
And fight you must or you can't go.
But all you can do is what is in you.
Every Day And Every Night there is just one more fight.
Right and light that you must know.
Follow it's path and in you must go or
The dark will come and hold you steadfast.
A fight is a fight like every other night,
But what you do is up to you.
Choose it fast choose it right
You will not get another night.

In this fight you fight to live another day
You can lose and you can win fights but every night
But if you lose you wouldn't know
But all you can do is what is in you
Every day and every night there is just one more fight.
All I can say is have a great night.

Midknight- J.J.M.S.
Sadness are the men who fight,
All so noble tried and true
Vigilant, hopful, does what is right,
Every waking moment lived to fight,
Midnight and darkness comes sets in
Engulf the darkness from within.

Sky- J.J.M.S.
Soaring high bright above the clouds,
Every night within a dream,
To get away from the world that is seen,
Memorys of the past come to light,
Engaging dreams of merry night's
Flying high with out a care,
Remembering of past fears,
Ever changing the future holds,
Ending like a cloud in the night.

Heaven and hell doors open wide,
Every demon and angel take flight,
Ravaging the land of this world,
Over light and night all men will awake,
Sides will be drawn,
Darkness has come over the world I fear
I will never give up on the things I hold dear,

Tomorrow- J.J.M.S

Soon this day will come to and end
Under the cover of darkness
Night will rise and day will end
Return to whence it came
Invisible like the wind
Sunset comes
Eternity begins

Lone Wolf- J.J.M.S

From the fire of the light
Rescuing others from the night
Innocents freed and hopes restored
Enemies cower at the sight
Never giving up the fight
Defending others for what is right
Sole ranger of the light.

Good bye- J.J.M.S

Strange intruder in my mind
carving an image I can't find
doing things beyond my might
killing me beyond my will
creating a darkness I can't fight
the light inside me is growing dim
my heart gives out on it's whim
my strengh wains as a candle melts
the vise closing on my life
the power to hold on is slipping away
when god's away the devil will play.

promise? - J.J.M.S.

Hello, old friend, how long has it been?
yes yes and thats alright,
I promise to be here for that you not need fear,
I'll listen and guide you all night,
remember when we were four years old,
young and bright and things were alright,
I remember when a time was all nice,
I was there then and am here now,
when your in need just lean on me,
I will lend you a hand and pull you right up,
from dawn till dusk I'll always stand here,
ever vigilant ever near please dont fear,
I will stand and fight till all things are right,
not rain nor snow or sleek of night,
and that i promise,
to make things right,
but promise me that you'll be alright.