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locke.gif (1072 bytes)Words of wisdom: Personal  locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"It is because I wanted to be a hero that I have so much pain, suffering, and torment, but it is only that god is showing me I already am one." - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"Hope is the most powerful force in all worlds, with it good will win" - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"You are never alone" - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"I have wanted to be a knight for so long, I have ALMOST forgotten what it's like to be a child... but now I remember" - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"Don't think about things till your ready to think about them and say nothing till your ready to do something about it" - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"Your right I may be only one person, and what I try to do may not mean much, but it means the world to me that I try to do everything I can to offer others hope" - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"My friends are my blood, there faith in me my hope, there dreams are my promise, there future my goal, and there friendship there payments to me...." - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"I still think you can't change fate... but you can change the fate people tell you." - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"You will not see my face, nor will you hear my voice, but you shall feel my presence, and know somewhere out there I'm there, like a shadow in the night, have trust and faith in me, and I'll always be there... Forever and Always" - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"We all bring a part of our fate to ourselves... accept it or fight it... either way it's going to change you"... "It doesn’t matter if I live or if die, as long as I get my job done. It's all the counts, and all the matters" - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"I'm a trooper, I fight with my heart, I see with my soul, I can never give up and never give in, on the people I care about. it’s to bad that they cant see me working from the shadows. But I get the job done, see it or not, thankful or not I’m a soldier" - JS

"I'm a Maverick. I have no reason to smile but I do, I have no reason to be a good man But I am, I have no reason to live but I can... Always fight for your hopes! Remember to always have hopes... your not really dead if you still have hope!!!" - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

I keep an open mind of everyone i meet... I've learned along time ago, that anger and hate lead to pain, and pain sucks - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"You're my friend... you're not to happy, you're doing something I don’t  know... you're my friend, and I'm yours. That’s why I worry." - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"I'm not trying to be perfect student, I'm just trying to be a good person." - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"That had better be lemon drops! PLEASE tell me those are lemon drops! Just lie to me! PLEASE!" - JS locke.gif (1072 bytes)

"By history a man becomes a soldier, through history a soldier becomes a hero"

"That's the cry of the incompetent!" - Tom (in response to "it's not fair!")sabin.gif (1057 bytes)

"Helping people is just as good as being great like a hero as long as you can help someone out really well, then you'll have the confidence to help others and you'll feel special about your self" - Eric Ccecild_i.gif (1204 bytes)

"As humans, to understand one another truly, one must have love" - Eric Ccecild_i.gif (1204 bytes)

"When playing a game of anything, always be happier for them to lose then your own victory." - Ken Chow Ckain_i.gif (1030 bytes)

"My classes suck and I'm a pathetic loser trying to make myself believe I’m a nice person." - Tracyshall.jpg (998 bytes)

"Beware of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup." - Tracyshall.jpg (998 bytes)

"A blind man can see better than most with sight" - Elliotshadow.gif (1014 bytes)

"Why not dream?? Reality is cruel.." - Rich squallanim.gif (8554 bytes)

"It doesn't matter how long our path in life is, it's the path we take and the people we meet that make it all worthwhile." - Cristina AKA Chris (SPARK) selphie3.gif (11493 bytes)

"Life is an uncontrollable roller coaster. Either you can try to attack it and feel all the speed bumps or you can let yourself go and flow with it. Either ways, leave a message for Tina." - Tina

"Life’s a gift, don’t abuse it for all those lost souls out there, they had their chance, they wasted it and now their deaths will be forgotten in vain" - Philip

"Life's a journey, not a destination, cuz you just can't tell what tomorrow brings" - Wilson mknight.gif (699 bytes)

"Even after the darkest night the sun will rise." - Brian M pirate.gif (3827 bytes)

"My friends tell me not to give in to peer pressure, so I wont...cuz i want them to like me" - Nat fsquire.gif (645 bytes)

"Pressure? that's something u feel when u have no idea what the hell you're doing" - Wilson mknight.gif (699 bytes)

"I'm not gonna get drunk and have sex with someone and not remember it afterwards...cuz i think i'd wanna remember something like that." - Kevin mlancer.gif (626 bytes)

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