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To My Friends Old and New, I John ramza4.gif (610 bytes)Thank You!

Christy, My sister.. thanks for putting up with a brother like me.. (oh yea thanks for not trying to kick me off when I work on my page)

squallanim.gif (8554 bytes)Rich, My older brother, and now my God brother. I have known you longer then anyone and yes we may fight but in the end were always best friends!. And Hey... we always beat the odds :-)
cecild_i.gif (1204 bytes)Eric, One of my best friends, Talk to you later!
kain_i.gif (1030 bytes)Kenrick, My partner in more things then I can remember... you've been like a younger brother me and a pain too :-)

relm.gif (1006 bytes)Candy, along time has passed hasnt it? well you've grown and so have I, now can you draw me something nice? :-)

Lil Lin frontmaria.jpg (1067 bytes), You've grown up alot as well Lin, I hope to see you grow up even more. I always think of you at my lil sis, Always.

Jen, Christine, and Derek,

sabin.gif (1057 bytes)Thomas, my backup man and one that I trust. never give up old friend, and as always, "Don't get dead!"

shall.jpg (998 bytes)Tracy, What can I say? I've never met you, yet your so very importaint to me... more then a sister I never had.. but a person I trust greatly... call me if your ever in NYC!

Others worthy of  praise

 zellanim.gif (18548 bytes)Ilya, My man in the school keeps me up to date on all the things in my school... it's good to have a friend on the inside :-)

rosa_i.gif (1249 bytes)Bondy H, my childhood friend, I was the first one to ever call you "bon bon" it seems that you've taken it up as a real nick name. I'm so glad I found you, I'll never have to many friends. And that is good!

anifaris1.gif (1456 bytes)Bonnie, My cuz, watch your self hehe... see you next Chinese new year.

link1.jpg (1053 bytes)Mike, Hey Hey, You know you'll always have a wingman in me... but hey... no matter how hard you try, your not going to shoot me down :-)

rinoaanim.gif (6829 bytes)Julia C, Be true to your self and you'll find what your looking for. But I still find it funny that your still scared of the dark, but if you ever need someone to talk to, or any help... feel free to just ask

aylaw.gif (1905 bytes) Katina, My Friend in England... and she doesn't even play tennis... thanks for remembering me :-)

Honorable mention

Aaron, Eric S. (Jap Class), Jason (Jap Class), Ting (Jap Class),celes.gif (1072 bytes)Cindy, Elliot, Jenn W.

*Trans Church!*

To all my fellow alter servers, your one wacky bunch... good thing the priests dont know that!

meliadul.gif (1998 bytes) Karen C, the boss of us alter servers, and the reason why some of us feel at home at church... your worth far more then you know... and maybe you'll know that... sooner or later.

agrias.gif (2055 bytes) Cristina, Stop stealing my hat! and please do me a favor and keep your nails trimed, please! (dont hurt me)

reis.gif (2043 bytes) Jennifer L, Do you ever be quiet??? well you've got more energy then most people I know... it might be a good thing and maybe not... but hey... you are who you are... and dont change yourself.

beowulf.gif (2038 bytes) Anthony M,Ant man! Heh we HAVE to go paintballing sometime man, I'm sure we'd take out everyone in our way... just like shooting targets with k-mart rifles.

Anthony,Albert,Jeffery,Liz,Arthur/Andrew, Katherine, Jeffery, Eliabeth


battlekai.jpg (1250 bytes)Angel,  battlevaleria.jpg (1342 bytes)Colleen,  battleodessa.jpg (1296 bytes)Tiffany,  battlekasumi.jpg (1270 bytes)Lisa,  battlecamille.jpg (1346 bytes)Jovon, battlekage.jpg (1054 bytes)Pablo, battleclive.jpg (1298 bytes)Jonathan,

My CO's

SSGT. Newsum, SSGT, Monty,




To Cris, AKA boss, AKA Spark mommy, you've been there for all of us, and at least I'm greatful, I hope you know that.

sparkmini.jpg (1636 bytes)

selphie3.gif (11493 bytes) Cristina, CC, we've had fun as friends right? I hope you always laugh and smile.

 pirate.gif (3827 bytes) Brian (PKO), my pal since I was a freshie... watch what you do, stay on the strait and narrow, and you've had someone waiting to long, dont mess up something importaint.

fmediatr.gif (1242 bytes) Rehana, Thanks for being there for me... thanks for everything.

fninja.gif (635 bytes) Anita (PKO), My freshman!... er... Sophie now. you've grown so much... er... Junior now eh? a whole world is waiting for you... dont waste it.

fsquire.gif (645 bytes)Nat (PKO), Our Nat, I dont know where the future will bring you, but i do have high hopes for you. but stay away from ears.

mlancer.gif (626 bytes) Kevin (PKO), Kev, there isnt a time where you stop amazing me.

msamurai.gif (632 bytes)kayu (PKO), Fly boy, Well I'd be damned if you make COL, but i'm sure you will, i know it.

farcher.gif (608 bytes)Linda (PKO), Hey linda, your not a year older then me, just 360 days.

msummonr.gif (660 bytes) Brian #2,I dunno what to say to you man... i'll be here if you need me.

 fmonk.gif (626 bytes)Tierney, Same Ol'Tierney, never gives up do you? i dont know what i mean. but i doubt i'm wrong. Right?

mknight.gif (699 bytes)Willson/'wang', Yo, I dont owe you any more money!

marcher.gif (607 bytes)Jose, Big man Jose! Da man (or so he thinks)

 mninja.gif (631 bytes)Naijia, Perhaps if you stopped spinning things, you wouldnt try to do so many things that need skill :-)

fuujin01.gif (8942 bytes) Etie, Our new lil Freshie, so much to learn eh?

Julia ,  mmediatr.gif (641 bytes)Max, Jason, Erin ,fsummonr.gif (2062 bytes) Lily , Guttman, Leo,

I'm always going to be here for you all, I promise, you can count on that!

Forever and Always

John J. M. S. Pvt, USMC

AKA MaverickJS

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