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My Friends Homepages, Check them out...

My Sisters's HomepageBlue Atlantis
Tracy's Homepage:Lemonade! Get yer Icy Lemonade here!

Nat's Homepage:Herbie's Pleasure <not plsure> Palace <the real deal!>
Willson's Homepage: Culocagaos are People Too

Anita's Homepage: Down the rabbit hole

Arthur's Homepage: My God brothers homepage
Michelle's Homepage: Geekink, My friend's Homepage
Brian's Homepage: Welcome to the Laundromat
Kayu's Homepage: Welcome To Kayster's Quote Page

Cool Places that you should go to!
RPGamer: a good place to get help for RPG's

MegaTokyo : MegaTokyo - relax, we understand j00 - updated every monday, wednesday,
ASTALAVISTA.BOX.SK :The page to look for all your cracks and mods
Anipike : the place to go when your looking for anime
Sluggy Freelance 2001 Peter Abrams : A great comic
Exploitation Now : Good comic
Strange Candy : Comic
Penny Arcade! : Comic
RPG World - Sunday, Wednesday, And Friday: Comic
8-Bit Theater : Comic