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Welcome, this is the personal page of MaverickJS. This page has been up for 8 years. It is my pride and my joy and a place to put down my thoughts and dreams.

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days 'til my birthday.

last update: 8/6/03 :   Updated:  Lots of stuff

and always being worked on

last updated before that: 08/06/01 Updated: rehaul

Your Number aren't you happy you are?

11/26/99 - 400quotes reached!
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thanks to all who made the things ideas, images and stories that have brought me smiles and new dreams, I hope that is what they set out to do. This page isn't about money or anything of that sort, it's just a page I made for myself and no other, if you are a large company or the person who I took a song or a pic from, just say the word and I'll see what I can do...  but I'll say  it now. this is my page, my world, thanks for giving me something to put and dream, thank you.