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My name is John Seto, I am a Maverick and I am the best of men.
 It is this bold statement that has forever changed my life and personality. I can say this because I know thyself. How can you know your self if you never fought for something? I have fought for so much, physically, mentally, emotionally, and I have risen every time I failed. I have been the sword and shield, the shining knight for countless people, never asking for reward, fame or personal glory, only the knowledge that one life have breathed easier knowing that I have lived. I have been the sword, seeking out allies and confronting foes for countless comrades, offered knowledge leading to the completion of their tasks, and been the firepower behind the scenes. I have been the shield, charging at the call to arms, interdicting myself into the path of danger, and been the support as a caring friend. I am not invincible, I am not infallible and I have not succeeded in all of my endeavors, far from it, Iíve been beaten, cut, and broken many times, and it is in the times I fall that I can succeed. I know very well the taste of failure, but everything comes down to the question of the willing. What will you sacrifice? Are you willing to feel the price of failure, the pain of losing and the bitterness of defeat, for the taste of glory, and success. To know yourself you need to know what you fear, and only then can you set yourself free. Here in the cradle of civilization Iíve faced many personal and human fears. Iíve faced the fear of the unknown by helping sweep a field of bombs with only my eyes and my boots, and reacted to a missile attack at my base. I have suffered the fear of a faulty gas mask and the uncertainty of what the missiles exploding over my head are carrying. I have faced my fears of being left alone by understanding that even if I were to die, the actions Iíve taken in this life doesnít end with my dieing breath, and that those actions may fade but the effects have already changed the lives of others forever. I have walked down the roads of Baghdad facing my fear of death from any unknown hostile but knowing that the men around me would not leave me behind, alive or dead. On the other side of death I have not had to fire a round in anger, it is not a question of want to, but need to. I have had no need to end life, but there is no question I will fire and shoot to kill, I will not hesitate. My time out here has taught me much, I am more weathered and worn then you remember. Look into my eyes and gone is the innocents and naÔve glow and in its place is fire and ice. Now listen to my voice and burned out is some of my laughter and good cheer replaced by the shield of my cynicism and the blade of sarcasm. No longer am I the soft giant but the imposing knight, with a steel will and fiery aggression. Yet there are things that are a part of me and will never fade, my willingness to speak to anyone, my empathy, and most of all my recklessness to help others in need. These are the defining characteristics of who I am. Those who know me understand that I have fought my whole life trying to make a difference in something, an impression in lives, I have carved my name in hearts. It is that goal that has driven me to be who I am, but donít mistake kindness for weakness. I am still a Marine, but I am also so much more.

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"So it wasn't jealousy. Except that was what he was feeling. A hard little knot of envy. Maybe it was just the fact that he had no one of his own. Every so often, he would indulge himself and wonder about the man he would have been ... if he had not turned to piloting fighter craft for the Alliance and discovered a tremendous aptitude for it. Had he not dedicated himself to a cause that must inevitably kill him. This other Wedge Antilles was probably safe in the Corellian system... A happy man. That was the person Wedge was envious of. Not that the real Wedge was unhappy. He was content ... but alone. Probably best if he kept it that way. He'd beaten the odds for so many years, years in which literally hundreds of pilots he'd known had died in battle around him, as though they were living shields for his X-wing. Someday his luck would run out and the deadly statistics would catch up to him."..."That was a selfish thought. His life meant more as a pilot and a... commander then it would as a desk bound planner. More ... people were alive ... because he was the masters of a pilot's yoke. So long as this was the case, he didn't have the right to accommodate himself or pursue his own wishes." - Commander Wedge Antilles, New Republic Starfighter Command, Iron Fist.

"You want to be in control so you don't foul up some horrible way. But you're so in control that you're basically a walking dead man. Since you're dead, you have nothing to offer Wedge -- he's got plenty of dead pilots, doesn't need another one." - Wes Janson

People say I'm a good friend even if I don't believe it... here are some of the things people have said...

(All) "Hail the almighty and altruistic John, defender of friends, helper to the needy, etc. etc." Tomsabin.gif (1057 bytes)

"it is real nice being able 2 talk ta a nice frined like u again..i am glad we are still friendz afta all dese years ---yur friend alwayz bondy~" Bondy , rosa_i.gif (1249 bytes)
"I'm happy to be your friend, and will always be your friend. Cya Later" Kenrick kain_i.gif (1030 bytes),

"Actually, I think that is what makes us good friends, because it's the way good friends should be, always helpin out for each other. If someone were to ask me what was one of the greatest things that happened to me, you can bet that I will say: One of the greatest things that ever happened to me, was meeting John, who was and still is my best friend." Rich squallanim.gif (8554 bytes)

"'You are a gentleman and a scholar' - and probably the only one the phrase really applies to, Gene often says random irrelevant things but I really think that is true of you." - Linda Y.

"You're so super-spifferiffic and you're always helping people (even helping me write cruddy poetry). And you're always there [online]. You don't know how nice it is to have a friend who's always there when you need them... if even they aren't physically there. I love you *don't you feel all warm-n-fuzzy inside?*",  Tracy shall.jpg (998 bytes)

"You're a great friend, and I know no matter how many times I say it or anyone else says it, you still won't believe us. Whether or not you do, it's true anyways." Cindy, celes.gif (1072 bytes)

"Whenever I think of the name John, it makes me very happy to know that he is in my life. He is one of the nicest, kindness and wisest young men I have every known. John  is extremely intelligent and has so much wisdom. If only there were more of him, this world would be a much better place. Wars would not exist, and more kindness would be shared with each other. There would be more compromise, and more love to be given and shared. That's the John I have known, even within this short-period of time." -*Arthur* (my god brother)

you're nice kind and generous. you're a cheery person to be around with. i can always depend on you to make me happy and comfort me. you're always  there through the good and the bad. you can be obnoxious {when you mess up my hair}  but you really care  about your fwends and alwayz put em b4 u....i thank u 4 dat - Sandy

"I remembered you because you stood out from the people I'd met and the qualties I look for most in a comrade not just a friend. And Comrade listen and above all they care!! (((((((())))))))"..."And what would I be kidding you about?"... "lol, you have different values that don't limit you to ordinary selfobsessed existance " - Katina AKA NightJetX13

You are a soldier and a gentleman and I recognize it and admire it. I want you to be happy and know that you deserve it, but I don't know how else to give you happiness except to be your friend. So that's what I'm going to continue being...your I know, but it's all I can offer. -Rehana fmediatr.gif (1242 bytes)

Thank you for listening to my ramblings and stuff and stuff. Ur a really great friend, and u have good advice 2. Well, g/g. I'm j/ really glad dat i could talk to u anytime and about anything. Ur an excellent mentor. G'nite o wise John-san. - Juila C. rinoaanim.gif (6829 bytes)

I don't know really. I mean, I don't know you well enough to make much of a judgement. But I would say that you're really sweet and you're strong and you have really great morals and respect for others. I think that you're a great friend. -Kyla AKA Sandi

you remind me of kermit the frog. you do. hes always the knight, the honorable one, the moral one, he'd do anything for anyone, anytime, but as much as he tried his mind is vulnerable - Agata

one person who never changes but the people around him, the ones he loves, the ones he meets, always, continually and unnoticably to themselves change, but there stand the one, always him - Elliot

well, you're a good hearted fellow which is a HELL of a lot more than i can say for most people you have a certain charming naivate and you'd be damn scary in a uniform - Nick Rycar

I think you are nice, but that you get rather depressing because you don't let anything out - Gianny

(John is) "the only completely good and honest person i know. an overall nice guy with an active imagination... lol, i dunno" Brian #2

"well, I haven't known you to quit. I dunno.. ummm..... I haven't really known you long enough to form anything really deep." - Jay

"You will always be John. There is no way that your moral compass can turn 180 degrees, no matter what you go through." - Herarto

John is very dedicated to the US Marines. He'll attack members of the other services, including those who are just thinking about it. (I know this first hand.) His sense of humor is a good cover for the tougher him. Although his sense of honor and justice is strong, it should be more open. No matter how you look at it, John's good far outweight any wrong you may find. - Kayu

he's a very funny and benelovent guy who will stand you up and put you down but no matter what he will help you stand your ground =) basically the same, just different wording we all love you john maybe when we get together we'll have a one big bearhug john fest bwha ha ha ha - Elliot

"Words can't describe how good of a friend you are. You're there whenever I need you and whenver others need you. I can't help but to have nothing but respect for that. If you were a girl I'd say I love you man." - Wilson

"You went from being that 'Odd' Kid sophmore year to being a sweet kid, buff Marine... you have been a wonderful friend to me and a constant source of entertainment :-)" - Erin

"Thanks for being there. Quite honestly I think one of the best things I have in life is the close friendship our families have together... Makes me think life is one level easier to know that you guys are always there is one of the best feelings" - Candy

"Your presence alone has made me reconsider my connection to God and all those icky faith questions." C.C.

"Dearest John - (the soldier, the knight, the friend....)" - Agata

"You are the only person I know who is simply a good and decent human being. You're also one of my closest friends..." - Bri #2

"John, It has been a pleasure. You are an inspiring young man." - Gene

"Your manic energy, warped sense of humor will be something that i will always remember." - John Mui

"Your sense of honor & duty is among the strongest I've know, but as a word of advice, don't forget to honor yourself once in a while and enjoy life." - Kunlun

"Loyalty, Honor and Knowledge"

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Dear Mr. Schulz, Thank you for giving the world Charlie Brown. He has been an inspiration to many people around the world and to me as well. You will be missed greatly.