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    Through out time life has sought to survive. It is one of our primal urges. One that cannot be denied. Despite the differences of how any life form looks, they all share that one goal. Indeed all things die, but it is the everyday life that makes things worth while, and many things interfere with the chaos that is life. From this place I have seen countless wars fought for both reasons, greed and the right to live. Some people doubt the existence of other worlds, other life, and other galaxies. But I am proof of such existence. For I am Alazar, Keeper of Center Point.

Chapter 1: See With Your Eyes.
    Each star twinkles in the dark night. Blazing bright in the sky above. I have always dreamt of flying between the stars. It has been a dream of mine since I was young. Laying here in the dark night heals my heart and lifts my soul, for tomorrow is a day of class and I have to study to pass.
    As long as I can recall I've always looked out the window and watched the skies. From this class room, on the fifth floor I look out the window and see the choppers, the boats, and the planes. It's New York and fleet week. Warships of all types have passed our school and from the windows all I can so is dream of being a pilot and flying among the stars.

   As I open my eyes I see a world I don't recognize. All I could see was a man behind a bright light.
    "Who are you?"
  "You will find out in due time. What do you see, child?"
    "What are you talking about? I don't understand!"
   "Close your eyes and you will see. Now what is it that you see?"
    "I see... I see... Myself?"
"Where do you see yourself, young one?"
    "In a hundred places, with weapons, people, and events I have never known. I see...what is this? I see...happiness, sadness, courage, fear, loneliness, despair, and hope. What in the world am I seeing!"
    "At last one that can see the truth. This my friend, is your future."

"Agent 001 mission accepted."
    "Mission type: retrieval. Agent 002 and 003 will accompany you 001. Go"

    "JOHN! wake up! Class is over! Geez, you think with the kind of sleep he gets in zero period he'd be awake by now!"
    "Oh, quiet Bri! You act like you dont sleep in class."
    "Yeah John I do. But I dont get caught snoring."
    "Oh shut up and lets get some lunch."

    As he and brian walk down the halls they speak of upcoming events talking place within their school, not knowing the events that will take place very soon. The halls in the school are all white, cleaned and shining. Much like a hospital ward for the sick. All the movements of the students who pass by, working hard on their studies. They all believe themselfs sheltered from the world outside. Soon the truth of the real world will explode into their views and fragment themselfs into their minds.