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RX-83 Starfighter, Dagger

The RX-83 Star-Fighter, more commonly known as Daggers for it's shape, is a single seat fighter capable of deep space flight. It's speed, with it's dual lasers and it's complement of four missiles make this ship quite formidable. It's pros are it's speed and it's shields with the added fact of it's low cost to build. It's modular design makes it easy to mass produce it also makes the ship vulnerable when it's shields are down to most weapons. Although it is space capable it is a short range fighter and must be accompanied but a larger spaceship. As a fighter/fighter craft, it is quite a formable little ship.

Capital ship - Runner class

The capital ship Runner class is a 900 meter long ship made for cargo, speed and supply. It's shape is like the subs in the pre-UEU days, a cylinder shape with a pointed tip. The tip is the most lethal part of the ship housing 8 heavy laser batteries along with 4 missile tubes. The Lasers take aim at the ships shields while the runner is speeding at it. The Lasers are on turrets and fire at the other ship's shields in a circle and fires missiles that pass the damage shields and blasts it's hull. The Runners are efficient blockade runners that get supplies where they are needed.