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locke2.gif (1841 bytes): Who are you?
icon2.jpg (807 bytes): You will find out in due time. What Do you see?
locke2.gif (1841 bytes): I see... I see... myself?
icon2.jpg (807 bytes): Where?
locke2.gif (1841 bytes): In a hundred places, with weapons, people, and events I have never known. I see ... happiness, sadness, courage, fear, loneliness, despair and hope. What is this?
icon2.jpg (807 bytes): Good... this is your future.

renaso2.gif (8981 bytes)Wake up John! Schools over, you've slept durning the whole class!!! It's a wonder how Mr Lugo didnt kill you!
locke2.gif (1841 bytes): Huh? Whoa! Someone could have woke me up!
renaso2.gif (8981 bytes): :sigh: John didnt you hear me? We tried to wake you up at least six times!
locke2.gif (1841 bytes): Wow... I swear I thought I only slept for 5 mins!
renaso2.gif (8981 bytes): :sigh: We're not going to cover for you anymore! Besides what were you dreaming about anyway!
locke2.gif (1841 bytes): Eh? what was I dreaming about... er... I can't remember.
renaso2.gif (8981 bytes): Can't Remember, eh? And him drooling on his books, gotta be girls.
locke2.gif (1841 bytes): WAS NOT! wait.. hey... I DONT DROOL!
renaso2.gif (8981 bytes): Yeah yeah, Sure sure, anyway... I gotta get home! Bye John!