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UEC= Universal Earth Calendar

1 UEC= The Earth Alliance was formed after the sighting of several asteroids heading to earth. That will impact with earth in 5 years.
2 UEC= With the help of the Earth Alliance, the space station, Pride of Earth (PE) was under construction. In this time lasers have been made into efficient weapons used in space first as mining tools. World peace has been made.
3 UEC= With the developments in the partially finished space station PE, better metals and space equipment was made.
4 UEC= PE finished. Laser batteries are now defending Earth. Start of Moon base Alpha one.
5 UEC= The asteroids come and are deflected by PE's laser batteries.
6 UEC= Mining of the asteroids take place near Alpha one.
7 UEC= Ion drives are invented
8 UEC= First human on Mars.
10 UEC= Alpha one renamed Odessa. Plans for a Space Navy begin. Earths first Olympic games since the knowledge of the asteroids.
12 UEC= The ship yards of Earth were built. The first Battleship Ascension was built.
17 UEC= First colony on Mars. Human pop has reached 9 billion galaxy wide. Hyperdrives are invented.
25 UEC= Human pop has reached 13 billion galaxy wide, with colonies on the moon, mars, venus, and on out posts on the edge of the milky way.
26 UEC= Mining colonies on the outer rim formed.
29 UEC= Outer rim colonies form there own space fleet.
32 UEC= UEU Physic Human Program starts.
34 UEC= rengade outer rim out posts become pirates.
36 UEC= pirates become the "Mining Collation" war for freedom begins.
37 UEC= First space battle over space station "Antares", Mining Collation (MC) wins the battle due to the use of Carriers and starfighters. The flagship Ascension was badly damaged. Warp gates are invented
37.5 UEC= War ends in peace, in favor of the United Earth Union.
38 UEC= Current time